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Divorce & Family Mediation

Rosemarie firmly believe that there is always a manner to resolve disputes and if the parties are open to such resolution it can be done amicably thereby restoring and rebuilding relationships rather than destroying them.

Divorce & Family Mediation

Rosemarie offers Divorce  & Family Mediation, including drafting of parenting plans, divorce settlement agreements and the division of Assets in terms of Universal Partnership Agreements.

Rosemarie has successfully assisted many families with mediating and registering parenting plans with the Office of the Family Advocate, where one parent is emigrating with the child/ren and the former spouse/other parent is remaining in South Africa.   

More recently the courts have emphasised the importance of Mediation rather than litigation, to this end and to avoid costly litigation for all parties involved, we advise our clients to pursue mediation to resolve their conflicts and disputes.